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Deb’s House Concerts

RainbowWaterglassBevels by the Pool

I took this picture this afternoon by a friend’s pool. I am still marveling at the beauty of colored glass between sunlight and water.

[UPDATE: Friday June 20, 2008 Visit http://dhstainedglass.wordpress.com to see more stained glass.]

(Click the photo to see a larger, prettier view. I’m glad my teacher pushed me into making this piece. I never tire of looking at it and looking for new ways to view it.)


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Deb’s House Concerts


I’ve put up another digital album for sale on eFolkMusic, Lean In For A Kiss.I currently have three digital albums for sale on eFolkMusic.org: Weird Duck, Hungry When I Wake, Lean in for a Kiss.Two are available Free to eFolkMusic Members and for sale to non-members (membership is $30/year). The newest digital album is available for sale.


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Deb’s House Concerts




[Update November 3, 2007 – The daily visits have doubled this week.
I don’t know why, but thanks for visiting here. It continues to be curious
to me that 25% to 50% (sometimes even more) of my visitors live in
countries other than the USA. I appreciate all who visit. Thank you!
I hope all will take a moment to visit eFolkMusic and listen to some mp3s.]
[Update November 8, 2007 with Extreme Tracking Geo Statistics.
Thanks for visiting my site. Thanks for listening to my music.]

[Update November 8, 2007 – Thanks again for your visits. Today, so far,
(sitemeter says) you have visited from Russian Federation, Australia, Netherlands,
Phillipines, Germany, Turkey, Poland, Cyprus, Ireland, Croatia, Czech Republic, USA,
United Kingdom, Sweden, Spain, India, Greece, Malta and Canada.
Please take a moment to visit http://eFolkMusic.org and listen to
some of the music there. There are over 2,000 musicians, singers, bands,
and songwriters listed there. Thanks again for your visits.]
Countries Unique Visitors
United States 1565 88.52%
Norway 40 2.26%
Canada 26 1.47%
United Kingdom 23 1.30%
Germany 8 0.45%
France 7 0.40%
Mexico 5 0.28%
India 5 0.28%
South Africa 5 0.28%
New Zealand 5 0.28%
Greece 5 0.28%
Poland 4 0.23%
Romania 4 0.23%
Australia 4 0.23%
Spain 3 0.17%
Sweden 3 0.17%
Italy 3 0.17%
Cote D’Ivoire 3 0.17%
Switzerland 3 0.17%
Denmark 3 0.17%
Egypt 2 0.11%
Czech Republic 2 0.11%
Turkey 2 0.11%
Ireland 2 0.11%
Philippines 2 0.11%
Iran, Islamic Republic of 2 0.11%
Singapore 2 0.11%
Brazil 2 0.11%
Kuwait 1 0.06%
Portugal 1 0.06%
Syrian Arab Republic 1 0.06%
Aruba 1 0.06%
Latvia 1 0.06%
Israel 1 0.06%
Bosnia and Herzegovina 1 0.06%
Argentina 1 0.06%
Japan 1 0.06%
Palestinian Territory, Occupied 1 0.06%
Belgium 1 0.06%
Hungary 1 0.06%
Austria 1 0.06%
Netherlands 1 0.06%
Russian Federation 1 0.06%
Luxembourg 1 0.06%
Vietnam 1 0.06%
Finland 1 0.06%
Costa Rica 1 0.06%
Korea, Republic of 1 0.06%
Pakistan 1 0.06%
Ukraine 1 0.06%
China 1 0.06%
Slovenia 1 0.06%
Puerto Rico 1 0.06%
Georgia 1 0.06%
Europe 1 0.06%
Thailand 1 0.06%
Continents Unique Visitors
North America 1596 90.27%
Europe 122 6.90%
Asia 25 1.41%
Africa 10 0.57%
Oceania 9 0.51%
Central America 3 0.17%
South America 3 0.17%

Sitemeter also listed:


South Africa








Serbia and Montenegro















Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina




Palestinian Territory, Occupied

I’m curious about what brings you here. I’d really enjoy reading comments from people from all these countries.

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