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Ted Haggard Is Completely Heterosexual

If you’ve not read my original post about Ted Haggard and his very public troubles, please check it out at some point. The title is Ted Haggard Is Completely Heterosexual. It is a post with 25 comments, many of which are posts all on their own. I put them all in the same place for continuity. It seemed like a good way to have a reading room on the topic of being forced to hide something that is so basic to who one is that being forced to hide it results in serious damage to all parties involved.

Ted Haggard Is NOT REALLY Completely Heterosexual

In recent months, I did not post additional comments to the post, even though there have been more stories breaking about the now-infamous Ted Haggard. But, last night, there was yet another story posted about Ted Haggard and his troubles, and  his very poor choices. I felt it was time to write about this again.

Ted Haggard, God Already Knows The Truth

You can read my newest comment here if you scroll down to the comment posted by dhconcerts on January 24, 2009. You can also read a very good post on this topic by Carol Boltz on her blog, My Heart Goes Out. It is titled, Ted Haggard, God Already Knows The Truth.


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