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Halloween Night

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Decorations at my house? No. For whatever reason, I have never been one to decorate. I don’t know why. I just don’t do it.


Well, when you don’t decorate and you don’t present an inviting decorated face to the neighborhood, you don’t get many rings at the door bell.

Historically Speaking …

Add to that the fact that I have never had any trick-or-treaters come to my door, and I’ve been in this place for two Halloweens prior to this one.

What Would You Expect?

I don’t expect anyone to come to my house. I say “don’t expect” because even though it’s already 7:20pm and the little ghosts and goblins and ballerinas and whatever-else-kids-are-for-Halloween-these-days are probably home sorting through their take, my little light is still burning, and my bowl of bags of microwave popcorn is still waiting.

Paper Bag Jack-O-Lantern and Microwave Popcorn

2009 Oct 31 Paper Bag Jack-O-Lantern2009 Oct 31 Popcorn


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More Leaves

Deb’s House Concerts

2009 Oct Mostly Golden

2009 Oct Mostly Red On Top

2009 Oct Multicolor Group of Trees

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Deb’s House Concerts


The official change of the seasons was over a month ago on September 21st, but the visuals this week are what really say fall is here.


The leaves have turned. The autumn leaves, in concert with cooler temperatures, clouds and rain, say that fall has most certainly arrived.

Trees I See Every Day

The trees I see every day have put away their summer green and dressed themselves in bright yellows, oranges and reds.

From My Back Yard … Same Tree, Different Days

I can see this tree from my back yard.

2009 Oct Big Orange Tree

2009 Oct Big Orange Tree Next Day








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Deb’s House Concerts

Yes, Fall Is Really Here

I’ve been taking pictures of trees whose leaves have turned from green to gold and red. I told my friend I was going to post some of the photos to my blog. Before I knew it, he was working on his fall project, gathering leaves, so he could make an arrangement I could post.


This image is a scan of leaves he gathered and arranged. He selected the leaves, arranged them on the scanner, scanned them, saved the image, and emailed the image to me.

Autumn Leaves

2009 Oct Leaves by Isaac

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Deb’s House Concerts


This is for all the travelers far and near, for those whose travels take them towards the ones they love, and those whose travels take them away.

Aging Parents

This is for all the aging parents whose children and grandchildren no longer live close enough to stop by for a visit or a meal or a hug.

Older Adult Children

This is for all the adult children whose lives and jobs and economic circumstances keep them too far away to be able to care for their parents when they can no longer care for themselves.

Far From Loved Ones

This is for all who must be far from the ones they love, for whatever reason, for however long.


God Be With You.

God Bless You.

God Speed.

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Deb’s House Concerts

The Cost of Being Straight

I don’t know that there is a cost associated with being straight, unless you count the cost of buying a home and bringing up children. But, gay people do that, too.

The Cost of Trying to Be Straight

The cost here would be emotional, psychological and spiritual. What toll is taken when a person spends a lifetime, or part of a lifetime, trying to deny something that is part of the essence of who he or she is?

Perks for Straight, Married Couples

Everyone knows that married people get perks that unmarried people do not get.  Visitation rights and decision-making rights for partners are a given when the couple is straight and married. Too many gay couples are kept apart when they most need to be together.

So Much Has Changed. So Much Is Still the Same.

As much as we see people who are famous and ‘out’, and people who are ‘out and proud’, there are at least as many people still living quiet lives under the radar of public opinion. I have never lived in a place where I thought that most gay people were openly gay. It just is not prudent in some parts of the country. Who wants to be made a target or lose a job, or be discriminated against at school, at church or in the neighborhood? God help you if you are famous and gay and your former work was within the organized church.

What About Financial Benefits for Being Straight?

The inequalities between straight couples and gay couples have been written about many times. But, even in this day of legal marriage between two partners who are of the same sex, the benefits that are given to straight married couples do not always apply to gay married couples.

“The High Price of Being a Gay Couple”

Here is another article that looks at the legalized inequalities that gay couples must live with. A straight couple can be married on a whim, after a whirlwind courtship, or during a wild weekend in Las Vegas, and they are automatically given a wide array of financial incentives and benefits. A gay couple can be stable, devoted and committed to each other for a lifetime, and the law never sees them as worthy of the benefits offered to straight couples.

Your Money

The article is in the Your Money section of The New York Times. Read it here: The High Price of Being a Gay Couple

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Deb’s House Concerts

I Like Glass

I like glass. I like it hand blown. I like it colored. I like it with bevels.

Collecting Glass

Currently, I do not have much time to work with glass. But, that does not stop me from collecting it. I have been buying supplies, including beveled glass, for a couple of years now. I keep thinking I’ll have time to jump in and work with it. So far, I think I’ve done more collecting of glass than working with glass.

Bevels, Bevels, Bevels

Recently, I’ve been going through my collection of beveled pieces of glass. I decided to wash the dust off of them, and put them away in some organized fashion. So far, I’ve washed enough pieces of glass to have stacks of bevels on the table.

Looks Green, Actually Clear.

These bevels look green when they’re stacked. Maybe it’s because they’re on a green table. When you hold them up and look through them, they’re clear. I am SO looking forward to doing glass projects involving bevels.

Patience, Patience

My time will come. After a few more months, I’ll have time to do some new glass projects. I’m looking forward to that.

Photos of Pieces of Beveled GlassStacks of Bevels 1

Stacks of Bevels 4

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