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Who Do You Know? Who Do  You Love?

Who in your life has served in the United States Military? I think we all have had family members who have served.

Thank You

Thank you to people who voluntarily put themselves in harm’s way with the goal and desire of keeping the rest of us safe.

Offer a Tribute

Please feel free to use the comments to offer thanks or praise for someone you know or love who is currently serving, or has served, in the U.S. Military. (Feel free also to offer generic thanks to any or all who wear the uniform)


On this day we remember all those who have lost their lives while in the service of this country.


On this day, I wish for peace in this world: peace within families, peace between tribes, peace between nations, peace between ethic groups, peace between races, peace between people of all religions and beliefs. I wish for a world where there is no longer a reason for people to go to war. I wish for all who fight to be able to return safely to their loved ones and their homes.

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