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Status Update

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Ages Since My Last Post

It seems like I’ve forgotten this blog. I haven’t, but I’ve not posted much lately. There used to be frequent written content, then I posted quotes, then photos. Then, nothing.

Why So Little Content?

My computer died. It must have been months ago. I was left to ‘borrow’ computer time from a family member in another residence. So, I have had very little time for posting.

Why Did I Not Get A New Computer?

I discovered that I accomplished so much by not having a computer! I had no excuse to stay awake if I could not sleep. I had no excuse not to start my day right away when I woke up. And, I had no way to spend hours online and lose hours I might be doing other things. Hmmmm.

So, What’s Been Going On?

Well, I started a new job (before the computer died, I think). I enjoy it more than I might have imagined, enough to work even more than my usual scheduled hours. I also spent  a few summer months playing in the yard, creating my ‘magic garden’ (also known as ‘the enchanted forest’).  It is still a work in progress, but it is further along than the posted photos show.

Now It’s Cold Outside!

I lost the past month, in many ways, by working lots of overtime. It was fun, but I realized too late (a few days ago) that I missed the last good days for working in the yard. Even so, I’m thinking of getting out again this afternoon! Yippee for sunny afternoons and days off work. 🙂

What Is The Focus?

It is hard to say what the focus is. I started this blog to talk about music, my songs. Then, I talked about Country Bunny Bath and Body products which became Jordan Essentials Bath*Body*Spa. Then, I talked about stained glass, and equality issues for LGBTQ people. After ‘meeting’ Carol Boltz and her blog, and learning about Ray Boltz’s coming out story, I wrote about the two of them often.  And, I wrote on occasion about politics. A year or so ago, I wrote about Nathan Pacheco and his beautiful voice. I hope you have had the opportunity to hear him sing! More recently, I’ve posted photos and recipes and quotes. There does not seem to be any one single focus!

Talking to Myself

I used to write, because I felt like I had something to say to people who might be interested in the same things. I’m not feeling that need to speak out as much right now. Or maybe, I’m just too busy with other things.  There are so many important issues in the world. There are so many sources of information. I think most of what I write about can be found elsewhere. But, I will still write now and then.

So, What’s Next?

Since, I don’t seem to have much time for blogging these days while I’m caught up in non-blogging activities, it looks like I’ll probably just keep the door open with quotes, photos, and recipes, and links to people, places and issues.

I appreciate the people who have visited this blog, read and left comments,and those who have read and not left comments. It’s been fun. I hope you will check back now and then to check out photos, quotes, recipes, and links. And, I’ll enjoy it if you leave a comment now and then.


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