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Driving at Night

The other night, I was driving down a road where there was a stretch of nothing but businesses. The fast food signs were large and bright, advertising their specials.

Suicide Assistance

I said to my friend, “They should just say, ‘Let us help you kill yourself.'”

Sugar and Fat

We both eat too much and exercise too little.  Way too many people in this country do that. I hope that people in other countries, those who think life is better in the USA, don’t take on our unhealthy habits. We eat too much. We move too little. We’re getting fat. We’re developing heart disease and diabetes.  We’re developing high blood pressure and having heart attacks and brain attacks (strokes).

Advertising Changes Behavior

Some people like to say that advertising does not influence decisions people make. Even a brief look at the advertising industry in this country shows evidence to the contrary. We buy what is advertised. That’s why companies spend billions on advertising. They know that no matter what we say, we ARE influenced by ads. (This is why the recent Supreme Court ruling in favor of unlimited campaign contributions and advertising by businesses was so wrong. Likewise, the recent ruling, by elected officials, that elected officials are not acting unethically to steer contracts to contributors is also wrong.)

Feeding Us to Death

If our enemies want to kill us, or even merely control us, all they have to do is feed us to death.  We are willing slaves to advertising. We willingly buy fast food, even though we know very little of it is good for us. We willingly move to a larger size for a small price, even though that little bit extra every time adds pounds and cholesterol we may never be rid of. We buy snacks and drinks out of the vending machines that are located in almost every place we go. We buy huge boxes of food (often with questionable nutritional value) from warehouse stores. We are willing sheep, following as we are directed by availability and advertising, traveling as a group to our own individual early graves.

It’s Not Too Late

We, as a nation, are puffing up like balloons. This is no slur on big people. I’m talking to myself, too. I am concerned for myself, and for you. I see every day what inattention to health (including good nutrition and exercise) can do to the body. I see in my own body that all it takes to gain weight is just to eat what I want, whenever I want. And, the irony of that is that I don’t even think I eat “that much”.

March 7, 2010

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