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Well, thanks!

Thanks for this:

my 2009 nod to exceptional oklahoma bloggers

Posted on December 13th, 2009 by Rena

I just want to tip my hat to some Oklahoma bloggers who have managed to penetrate my haze this year, for their persistence, their regularity, their seeming tirelessness and their apparent ability to be completely self-motivating.

So here’s my list of 2009 bloggers who have earned my respect, just becausethey blogged. (And this in no way is to dismiss their other qualities as astute observers and creative writers.)

Oklahoma Lefty

Carless in OKC

Deb’s House Concerts – Another blogger with passion for music, as well as other creative expression. Thoughts about politics, culture, language, horticulture, nature and anything else that comes along.

Rena from Peace Arena (http://peacearena.org/)

About Peace Arena

PeaceArena.org consists of a blog, wiki, (and soon) news feed and discussion forum. It is owned and produced by Serena Blaiz, the nom de tubes of a longtime progressive political activist and communications professional…  I am a feminist, secular animist and collectivist, working at the grassroots level for peace and justice, previously in Florida, and since 2003 in Oklahoma. Sometimes I get paid for this work, mostly I do it out of a desire to seek justice and build community.

My Introduction to Peace Arena

I heard from Rena when I posted a poll about the font I was using for my blog posts (November 2008). She strongly opposed the font I used, and she was convincing enough in her explanation (about what I was doing wrong) that I changed the way I write my posts. I never heard from her again. So, being chosen by her as a blogger who “managed to penetrate my haze this year” was quite a surprise. Thank you, Rena.


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Deb’s House Concerts


Meth vs Gladiolas, neck and neck, May 7th, 2009

May 7th was the day the number of hits on the Meth post equaled the number of people stopping by to look at the flowers. (sigh) I’ve loved having my post with photos of flowers from my yard as the all-time most visited post on this blog.

The Flower Photos Came First

Reality is this, I posted the flowers in the summer of 2007. I posted the meth post in January 2008. So, the gladiolas and purple flowers and baby bird had a 6 or 7 month lead. Over the past year, both posts have been my top posts on most days, but the meth post has usually had just a few more visits, and it has slowly crept up to a position where it is about to choke the flowers.

Am I Serious About This?

No, I don’t take all this as seriously as it sounds, but it has been gratifying to see that people enjoy my flower photos. And, it has made me wonder about the huge interest in meth.I hope that interest is from a hands-off perspective.

Meth Users – The Survivors, The Destroyed

I’ve seen users whose lives are no longer functional. The woman I mentioned in the post lost everything.  She was probably a really nice person at the start. Nice people do get caught up in drugs.  Chemicals can change lives in ways we can’t control.

I do know a couple of people who I met years after they stopped using. (They were the lucky ones. They were able to stop.) One is a wonderful person who lost a career because of it. The other is a wonderful person who has ongoing health issues that may or may not have come from meth use, but it is an unknown.

Law Enforcement, Fire and Emergency Medical Services

A few months ago, I talked with a law enforcement officer from a rural area. He was very diplomatic in the way he described the kind of crime they had, but I guessed what he was talking about. “Meth?” I asked. He said yes. Low population and wide open spaces. That used to be a good thing. Live out in the country, breathe fresh air, work hard.

When I took EMS classes, I learned that meth labs can kill. You don’t have to wait to use the drugs. The process of creating the drug is so toxic that rescue people have died when walking into the room. Don’t try to turn off the stove. Get out. It can explode and kill you. And, the fumes can kill you.

Small Children in In-Home Meth Labs

One really hard part of the job for rescue workers is knowing that people have their children right there in the middle of all that poison. When children are removed from meth labs, they not only lose their home, their parents and their pets. They lose their clothes and their toys. The fumes are so toxic, they take everything from the children and wrap them up in a clean blanket to transport them to the hospital. I don’t know how it is done here, but that’s what I learned a few years ago. Some ambulances and police cars have small stuffed animals to give children when they are removed from bad situations, a toy that is small and cuddly and soft to provide some comfort in a bad situation.

Parents Crash After Days of Meth Use and Leave Baby to Die

One of the terrible stories I heard in my first EMS class was of an infant in a bouncy seat, the ones that allow them to walk before they’re able to walk. The parents had been using meth, and they’d been up for days. When all the speedy effects ended, they crashed for hours and hours and hours of sleep. It was winter. The baby was unattended, seated in the bouncy chair. The chair was stuck over an in-floor heat grate. The heat was on.  By the time the adults woke up, the baby was horribly burned.

Where’s the Silver Lining in this Very-Not-Pretty Post

Well, I am happy to report (as I have done before) that people are discovering a new source of joy in the midst of all the difficulties of life. I believe that some music can heal and calm and inspire. Listening to certain music can bring joy and hope where it was previously missing.

Nathan Pacheco Saves the Day

I love Nathan Pacheco and the gift he brings to the world. Nathan sings and  wounded, sad and lonely hearts are soothed and comforted. Nathan sings and joy leaps in the hearts of those who hear him. Every time he sings, people are touched by the beauty of his voice, his music, his words and his passion.

Nathan Pacheco’s Music Soars and Lifts Hearts

I’ve only been writing about Nathan Pacheco and his beautiful voice for about a year now (May 2008), a year later than the post about my flowers (July 2007) and five months later than the post about the dangers of meth (January 2008). In spite of that, people are searching for Nathan Pacheco, and the initial post about him is rising quickly.

Read About Nathan Pacheco. Listen to Nathan Pacheco.

The people who spend the most time on this blog are usually reading one of these three posts. The people who click other links, often started on one of these three posts. I am happy when I look at the stats for ‘clicks’ and see that people are going to the Yanni Voices page and to youtube pages with recordings of Nathan’s music.

Some Day You Will Experience the Beauty

I know that not every person loves a classically trained voice. But, I do believe that most people love to hear a beautiful voice. And, most people love to hear an instrument with a beautiful sound played beautifully. That’s Nathan Pacheco. No matter what your musical preference, take a moment some day and listen to Nathan sing. It’s even better if you can see his face while he is singing.  You will see the joy in his music while you hear it.

Nathan Pacheco in Concert

Put it on the back burner, if you must, but keep it as a possible future plan. Some day, make it a point to see Nathan Pacheco perform live.  You will feel the joy. You will be inspired. You will remember it forever.

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Deb’s House Concerts


With A Rebel Yell, She Cried, “Mow! Mow! Mow!”

For the past couple of years, I’ve loved it that one of the posts I put up when I first moved back to NC was my number one post. It’s held on to that spot for a long time.  Now, the number two post is about to overtake it. So, I want to say thanks to those of you who’ve kept my flowers at the top of the stats for this blog.

Meth, the Toxic Waste You Inhale, Inject or Ingest

(Look at the photos before you do it!)

To those of you looking for info about meth, I hope it’s because you want to be informed, so you can stay away from it. Read everything you can find about it. Think about what goes into it, and know that’s what you’re putting into you body. That’s why it makes you look sooooo bad in such a short time. You’ve just turned yourself into a toxic waste dump.

Nathan Pacheco, The Man With The Beautiful Voice

For those who are looking for Nathan Pacheco and his beautiful music, keep coming back. I’ve been too busy lately to post much about him, but he’s still on my ‘favorites’ list, and I’ll keep writing posts about him as I am able.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

It’s amazing, but that must be everyone’s favorite song. But, it’s not really amazing. It’s a feel good song. What’s amazing is that he (Bobby McFerrin) was all the instruments, not ‘played’ all the instruments, he ‘was’ the instruments. And, the song is catchy, and it makes you want to sing along, and you just have to let go of feeling sad for a few minutes. It’s something we need in the world, even all these years after he recorded it and won a grammy for it.

Chocolate Easter Bunny Chat

For all who like the Chocolate Easter Bunny Chat, I can only say, “Me, too!” It still makes me laugh every time I see it.

Oprah, Sarah Palin, John McCutcheon

What can I say?  You know your audience, and you know  how to give them what they want. You all can teach the performers among us a thing or two about connecting with your target audience. And, no, I’m not linking any of you to any other one. You are each very much your own person, and very much distinct.

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Deb’s House Concerts


Positive Reinforcement

I enjoy taking tests that can only have positive results. Who wouldn’t? Hmmm. I suppose some people don’t want to be bothered. But, I think it’s fun.

What Colors Do You Most Enjoy Viewing?

Don’t think of the colors you like to wear. Think of what you like to see. Which colors feel right to you when you’re looking at them?

Color Career Counselor

I’ve done this test before. But, I don’t remember what answers I picked. I just did it again, just for the fun of it.

Where Am I Right Now?

I don’t mean “Where am I in my career?” I mean  “Where am I physically?” I’m sitting on a sun porch in the early morning. It’s almost 7:30am. The house next door blocks the direct rays of the morning sun, but it’s bright out today. I’m in a recliner, with my feet up. And, I’m looking out into the back yard where the sun is shining on the grass, and my big dog is alternately lounging and racing towards things he finds interesting.

Why Am I Here?

I had an exhausting weekend. As it turned out, Saturday began for me about 4:00am, after 5 or 6 hours sleep. And, Sunday began after Saturday never ended. I only slept about 45 minutes before my day began on Sunday. This was not due to any physical problem keeping me awake. And, it was not my preference. By 5:30pm Sunday, I was home again and in my bed. By 6:30pm Sunday, I was gone.

Deep Sleep and Coming Back to Life

How tired was I?  I was so tired, I fell asleep while talking on the phone after I lay down last night. Then, I slept hard for four hours until I was awakened by dogs barking (my dogs I’d left in the back yard!). I let the dogs in, and then went back to sleep, and I slept hard until 5:30am when I heard barking again. By that time, I’d been sleeping for eleven hours. That seemed like a good start towards recovering from being awake for more than twenty-four hours. So, I stayed up.

School Teachers and Romance

At 5:53am, I called a friend who teaches middle school kids. I thought she’d be on her way out the door to school. Ooops! Her clock was set for 6:00am, but she was cool about it. She thanked me for waking her. Then, she proceeded to tell me about her new love interest. I think she’s found ‘the one’, because the call lasted for 57 minutes! 🙂

I Enjoy Taking Little Tests That Can Only Have Positive Results

Okay, back to that color test. After the phone call, I turned on the computer and did my usual email check and scan of web sites. On one of the sites, I clicked the button for “What Color Do You Like?”

I Probably Should Have Majored In Psychology

I really enjoy things that help people understand themselves and others. I think it’s so cool that we’re all so different and so similar (a repeating theme for me!).

Self-Discovery and ‘Aha!’ Moments

I thinks it’s pretty amazing and wonderful that there are so many individual differences in people that there can be thousands of different needs in the word, and jobs people can do to fill those needs, and there are people who want to do those things. Maybe I should be a career counselor. I really enjoy the process of discovery. And, I also enjoy being present for the moment when others have that ‘aha!’ moment.

What About the Color Career Counselor?

I took it again just now, just for fun.  I don’t remember what the results were in the past. I think I probably selected similar colors, for the most part, but with a few differences.

Is This A Paid Advertisement for the Color Career Counselor??? No!No!No!

They probably should pay me for advertising for them! 😉  But this really is a free post. I just like little personality and self-discovery tests. And, this one is fun and easy to take.

What My Color Preferences Say About Me

Today, the results were right on target … in a general sort of way! 😉 I don’t agree with every single word it says. But, I agree generally.

Here’s what they said about me:

Best Occupational Category

You’re a CREATOR

These original types place a high value on aesthetic qualities and have a great need for self-expression. They enjoy working independently, being creative, using their imagination, and constantly learning something new. Fields of interest are art, drama, music, and writing or places where they can express, assemble, or implement creative ideas.


Fields of interest are instructing, helping, nurturing, care giving and instructing-especially young people. They discuss and consider feelings in order to solve problems, lead, direct, persuade, guide, organize and enlighten others.

[UPDATE: I took it a few hours later. It still said CREATOR is my number one place. But, it changed my second label. The second fits, too.]

2nd Best Occupational Category


Key Words:

Independent, Self-Motivated, Reserved, Introspective, Analytical, and Curious

These investigative types gather information, analyze and interpret data, and inquire to uncover new facts. They have a strong scientific orientation, enjoy academic or research environments and prefer self-reliant jobs. Dislikes are group projects, selling, and repetitive activities.

Maybe They’ll Correctly Assess Your Best Career Options, Too

Maybe they’ll be on target for you, too. 🙂 The test is really fun and easy. Just remember, it’s not about the colors you like to wear, your car color, or how you’ve decorated your house.

Which Color Do You Like Most? Least?

Just look at each group of colors and select a color based on what they ask. “Which color do you like MOST?” and, “Which color do you like LEAST?” And, at the end, they’ll have you rank an entire page of colors, from the ones you like most to the ones you like least.

Sit and Stare for a Moment

With each page, I just sat and looked at the colors. I tried to push away thoughts like, “What do I like best?” and “What is usually my favorite color?” and “Do I really like that one better than that one?” I just looked and picked. I tried to just let it be a gut feeling kind of decision process. Hmmm. I guess it worked! 😉

Color Career Counselor Test

Here’s page one of the test. I’ve disabled the links, so you’ll need to actually go to their site to take the test. But, this is what it looks like. It’s easy and fun! 🙂

START Your Profile Now!

Click on the color you MOST prefer to look at.

Simply pick the colors that you prefer to look at – not necessarily the colors you wear or decorate with.

There are no right or wrong, good or bad color choices – only your choices.

See if They Get the Assessment Right for You

Take the test


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Deb’s House Concerts

efm guitar imageDuck - yellow bath toy

I happened across a few posts on Thanksgiving Day where people wrote about being thankful. In the spirit of thanksgiving and being appreciative for all that is good, I want to post links to a few “thankful” blog posts. If you have some of your own, please leave them in the comments.


Barack Obama (video)

“Americans can give thanks that a new and brighter day is yet to come”

Kathy Mattea (video/song)

“A Thanksgiving Song”


Discovery of guitar recordings from her 20s

Big Brass Blog (video)

“It’s A Wonderful World” – Louis Armstrong


“Today, we’ll be passing the turkey and stuffing, and sharing what we’re thankful for.”


“I’d like to thank the extended Mudflats community for all your words of support an encouragement over these last two “interesting” months! It would have been impossible to get through that time without you! “

Margaret and Helen

Thanksgiving Letter to the Family 2008

Hysterical Raisins

“Giving thanks for friends who have your back when it counts.”

Karen Zipdrive

“I believe America will start to heal at last.”

Dr. Judith Rich

We owe it to ourselves and each other to return to “the blessing place” within.

Susan Smalley

Let our hearts be filled with kindness,

Our minds be calm and light

May thanks arise within us

For all we share tonight.”

Sharon Glassman

“5 Ways to Feel Thankful, Fast

Colleen Perry

The Way I See It: Why Thankfulness and Selfishness Go Hand in Hand

2SIB – Saturday in Blogtober

Happy Thanksgiving from 3SIB

Nancy1973 – Test Kitchenette

Happy Thanksgiving

Kevin Ballie

What I’m Thankful For: Harvey Milk

Finally Getting Fit

Thirteen Reasons I’m Grateful

Ellen Haroutunian


Pro +


The Village Voice


Chalk and Talk

Thanksgiving is a Time to Feel Grateful, Not Guilty

John Seery

Mawk the Hawk (or, Thankfulness Unbounded)

Mitchell Bard

Thankful for Simple Pleasures on Thanksgiving

Steve Clemons

Uncomfortable Thanksgiving: Obama, Prop 8, and My Marriage

Art Brodsky

Merry Hanukkah, George. Happy Thanksgiving. Now, Would You Please Leave?

Kathleen Reardon

A Thanksgiving Thought

Kay Goldstein

Thanksgiving, a Practice of Gratitude

Elizabeth Rigby

In Thanksgiving for our (Very Big) Government

Jamie Lee Curtis


Paul Reiser

How I Know Things Are Different: Way #247

Katherine Goldstein

We May Be Screwed, but I’m Still Thankful

Adele Stan

Four Generations, Bad Music and Good Food

Robert Creamer

I Am Thankful for Those Who Have the “Cathedral Builder’s Mentality”

Gary Hart

Gratitude Triumphs Over Grinch

Huffington Post (even more posts about Thanksgiving)

Thanksgiving Commentary

Copywriting Maven (video)

5 Top Reasons I’m Grateful on Thanksgiving 2008 … and a dance video!

Thanks for reading!


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Deb’s House Concerts


Okay. This is something new for me. I’ve never put up a poll on this blog before. I don’t even know how, so I’m trying to figure it out.


The  question for this poll is this: “Is this blog easy to read? Or, do you find the large font confusing?” I’ve been using the “H3” sizing for most of my text, Header 3, because I think it’s easier to read.  A friend complains about it, and says it makes it harder to tell one post from the other.


What do you think?


Should I use the larger text? (Header 3)


Or, should I use the smaller text? (paragraph)


Thanks for participating!


ps – If you don’t see a “POLL” on this post or a way to vote, please leave a comment to let me know:

1) if the large font I use is easy to read, or

2) if you prefer the smaller font.




[UPDATE: Woohoo!!! It’s works! If people respond to this poll, I just might go poll-crazy! 🙂 Please participate and choose an answer, or write in your own. Thanks!]

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Deb’s House Concerts


No, Sarah Palin is not visiting me in my home. She’s not visiting me at all. But, I noticed in my sitemeter stats that someone visited this blog from Wasilla, Alaska. I never heard of Wasilla, Alaska until a few months ago. Now, that little town is well-known around the world (at least, the name is well-known).


Here’s the detail info from the Wasilla, Alaska visit. (There could have been other visits from Wasilla, Alaska. But, this is the first I’ve noticed.)


Debs House Concerts
By Details > Visit Detail
Visit 43,368
[<<] [>>]
Domain Name mtaonline.net ? (Network)
IP Address 64.4.230.# (MTA Solutions)
ISP MTA Solutions
Continent : North America
Country : United States (Facts)
State : Alaska
City : Wasilla
Lat/Long : 61.5235, -149.5748 (Map)
Language unknown
Operating System Microsoft WinXP
Browser Internet Explorer 7.0
Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; FunWebProducts; .NET CLR 1.1.4322)
Javascript disabled
Time of Visit Nov 11 2008 7:42:37 pm
Last Page View Nov 11 2008 7:42:37 pm
Visit Length 0 seconds
Page Views 1
Referring URL unknown
Visit Entry Page http://dhconcerts.wo…ted-states-military/
Visit Exit Page http://dhconcerts.wo…ted-states-military/
Out Click
Time Zone unknown
Visitor’s Time Unknown
Visit Number 43,368

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