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Tell Those You Love and Those You Work With (Robert’s advice)

I left another comment for Robert. I don’t really understand being married to a woman and talking all the time about being attracted to men, but that’s how it happens over at The Architect’s Garage. Robert does not see himself as ‘gay’, but merely as “having same sex attraction,” and he posts videos of himself talking about “same sex attraction”.  I’ve told him many times I do not understand being in a marriage, claiming to love your spouse, and talking constantly about attraction to others outside the marriage. But, he does not see it as a problem. In the video posted today, Robert says people who “have same sex attraction” should be honest with the people in their lives, including family and people at work. I can’t see it when a person is currently married and says he intends to stay that way, but maybe I’m just clueless.

Here’s the Comment I Submitted

Deb said…

If everyone who was sexually abused became gay (as you suggest), LOTS more people would be gay than are gay.

That said, not everyone who is gay was sexually abused. I know you talk about it as if every gay person was sexually abused, but it’s not true.

Also, you make the assumption that everyone who identifies as gay is having sex, or has had sex, with someone of the same sex. Maybe. Maybe not. But, that’s not the issue. Your sexual orientation is part of who you are, whether or not you are with someone of the same sex.

Not having sex with a man does not make you not gay. Being attracted to men the way you are, there’s no question that it is part of who you are and your sexual identity. You just choose not to claim the label. You call it SSA. Other people call the same thing being gay. I’m guessing you’ll identify it as being gay after a few more years.

ps – I agree with the “don’t hide” advice. I don’t really understand telling other people that you are attracted to people outside your marriage. That seems like it could stir up some serious problems. But, in general, telling someone is much healthier than keeping a tightly held secret.

April 25, 2010 11:15 PM


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Deb’s House Concerts

H1N1 Haiku (Politiku) On Huffington Post

Susanna Speier just activated her H1N1 Politiku post on Huffington Post.

She Asked People to Write Political Haiku (Politiku) About H1N1

So, I did, of course. I wrote lots of H1N1 haiku.

She Posted This One

My job required it.
I had to get the vaccine.
Ohhhh, I hate needles!

The Rest Are Here

Here are the rest of my haiku pieces about H1N1.


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Write H1N1 Political Haiku

A friend just sent me an email asking people to submit haiku about H1N1.

My First Time to Respond

She sends me these things all the time. Usually, a writer is looking for someonen to interview about a specific topic. So, I move on to another email. But, this time was different.

I Like Haiku

Here is what I have to say about Haiku.

It’s fun. It’s easy.   << 5 syllables
There’s really nothing to it.  << 7 syllables
Write in a rhythm.  << 5 syllables

Would You Like to Participate?

Here is the information my friend emailed:

31)Summary: Looking for epidemiologists and medical professionals with literary inclinations
Name: Susanna Speier
Category: Health/Fitness
Email: susanna AT susannaspeier DOT com
Title: H1N1 Politiku
Media Outlet: Huffington Post
Deadline: 01:11pm PACIFIC – 15 November
Query: Looking for epidemiologists and medical professionals with literary inclinations to write an original Politiku (political haiku) about the H1N1
epidemic for my The Huffington Post Politiku column. Deadline is November 15th Additional info available on my website:

Here is the link for the post requesting submissions of H1N1 haiku:

H1N1 Politiku – call for submissions

Here Are My H1N1 Haikus

I wrote a lot of them after reading the email. Then, when I went to the web page, I saw that she only wanted one per person. Aw 😦   So, I wrote one in response to one that was already posted:

To Elizabeth (Teacher of Epidemiology. Thwacker of vaccine alarmists),

Your haiku is sharp
Stings like a shot in the arm.
Immunize us all.

Then, I posted the ones I wrote after learning about the request for H1N1 haiku:

Hi Susanna, A friend told me about your project, and I wrote these haikus before coming to this page (and seeing your one-haiku rule). You can pick the one you want to post.

H-1-N-1 hmmmm
At first, it was called swine flu
Now, we call it BAD!

No children in here!
Hospital won’t allow it.
Might bring/take swine flu.

My job required it.
I had to get the vaccine.
Ohhhh, I hate needles!

No longer winter
Now it comes in springtime, too!
and summer and fall

Old and sick feared flu
They were the ones who might die
Fear now for children

What a bad virus
How can we protect ourselves?
Wash hands well, often

No one sneezed near me
Must have rubbed eyes/nose after
I touched a doorknob

What a topic, this!
H-1-N-1 writes itself
Live and breathe haiku

Oh, how sad this is.
All because of a pig (not!)
So many have died

How can we do it?
Wash hands. Soap, water. Often.
Please protect yourself

Water, green veggies
Vitamins C and D, too
And, get enough sleep!

Staying well, healthy.
This is my goal this winter.
No H-1 for me!

I should not worry.
I worry for those I love
And, those you love, too!

Time to wash my hands,
Eat well, drink enough water
And, get enough sleep.

This flu began small
Quickly it spread far and wide

I was on a roll, so I wrote one more:

Her rules: Submit One.
Did I follow her rules? No.
I submitted all

Why Will My Politikus (political haikus) Not Qualify?

This is who she wanted to write for her column:

Are You a Scientist or a Heath Policy Expert?

If you’re an expert on this topic, I’d love to feature your Politiku along with a Tweet length bio, specifying your expertise to supplement.

You’ve Read Mine Here, Now Read The Rest

Read her request for H1N1 Haiku, and read the ones people have submitted. Then, watch for Susanna Speier’s column on Huffington Post, and read about the medical professionals, educators, scientists and health policy experts who participated.

[UPDATE: November 19, 2009 The H1N1 Politiku piece is now up on Huffington Post.]

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