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The Greed of the Powerful Strikes Again

Once again, profits for the shareholders (including those within the corporate structure who benefit from rising stock values) have trumped safety.

More Is Not Always Better

Why do major corporations fight for the right not to be safe? What’s the point? The greed that kept BP from spending the money needed to keep that rig safe, and to make sure there would not be an unstoppable spill, has caused more than destruction of property and wildlife.

Stock Prices and Reputation

How will the stock price be helped by destruction of ocean life, beaches, and birds? How will the reputation of an oil giant benefit by this new image of an oil slick moving towards all the coasts on the gulf? I know I’ve lost respect for BP because of this. This situation is similar, in my mind, to the mine disaster a few weeks ago. The company tried to save money by cutting safety, and now they’ve lost more than they ever could have saved.

So Sad

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Deb’s House Concerts

President Obama In Newsweek

Why Haiti Matters – In the tragic aftermath of Haiti’s 7.0 earthquake, images of the disaster break our hearts and remind us of the fragility of life. What America must do now—and why

Politics ?

A certain self-important, ratings-at-any-cost voice against Obama says that Obama is only helping the people of Haiti to boost his own political agenda by increasing his popularity with people of color in the USA. That racist accusation is clearly designed to gain ratings and further stir anti-Obama sentiment among people who never wanted anyone other than a white man in the White House.

Humanity ?

I don’t care what Obama’s agenda is in sending aid to Haiti, but I have every reason to believe it has a lot more to do with humanity than with politics. Even at his worst, not living up to every larger-than-life imagination people had of him, Barack Obama demonstrates daily, by doing the right thing, that he is the better man.

What Will It Be?

What will we do? Do we agree and join with our President in helping those who cannot possibly help themselves in this time of need? Or, do we listen to the self-promoting, ratings-seeker who has publicly stated many times that his hope is that Obama will fail as President of the United States of America?

Of Every Political Persuasion

I hope that all of us, of any and every political persuasion, can agree on one thing. Helping each other, and working together to do good for those who cannot help themselves is the higher good. When we work together to help those who cannot help themselves, we are doing the right thing.

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Deb’s House Concerts

Pray for the President? Really?

It would be a good thing if people prayed for the President to have wisdom, good health, strength, safety and plenty of other things. It is a different matter when “Pray for Obama” is a secret message saying people should pray for him to die.

What the bumper stickers say:

Pray for Obama Psalm 109:8

What the Bible verses say:

This is from ‘Pray for Obama’ Not What It Seems on Sphere.com

Psalm 109:8 “Let his days be few, and let another take his place of leadership,” NIV

The verses that follow are a different matter.

“May his children be fatherless and his wife a widow.”

“May his children be wandering beggars … ”

“May a creditor seize all he has; may strangers plunder the fruits of his labor.”

“May his descendants be cut off, their names blotted out from the next generation.”

And so on.


It is sickening to see how people use a pretense of faith in God to mask hatred and advocate violence.  There is so much violence in this world, and much of it is done by people who claim to love God (violence between religious groups, violence between nations, acts of terrorism, hate crimes because “God hates … (name the group you love to hate)”, domestic violence done by a partner who believes he (she?) is the ordained head of the household and has a right to abuse the partner.

Violence Is Not True Religion

Calling for violence against one’s enemies is not the truth of any religion. Stirring up hatred and violence in the hearts and minds of the easily-influenced is also not an act of faith, spirituality or godliness.

On the Good Side

There are so many good people, of all religions, who have a strong faith that leads them to acts of kindness and compassion. That is true faith, true spirituality, true religion. Let us pray for each other, and pray for ourselves to be loving, accepting and compassionate.  That is true faith, spirituality and religion.

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I’m Glad Someone Finally Called It Health INSURANCE Reform

This debate has been going on for far too long. People have been arguing about changing the health CARE system. But, it really is about how people can PAY for health care. It is all about ACCESS to affordable health care.

Why Do People Want to Protect Unethical Entities from Ethical Legislation?

I’ve been watching people get out-of-control about politics for a long time. And, I still do not understand why any working class or middle class American responds with fury to any attempt to do something that would benefit them and hold insurance companies accountable for their business decisions.

Why Would You Cut Your Own Throat To Put Money In A Rich Man’s Pocket?

That’s what people are doing when they oppose “health care reform”. This is not about health CARE reform. It is about reforming the less-than-ethical practices of too many insurance companies, and providing a way for ALL (almost all) people in this country to have access to health care.

What About Religious Beliefs?

So many people who are intensely opposed to “health care reform” claim to be devoted Christians. How is withholding access to health care ‘Christian’ (or Muslim? or Jewish?). Are we not our brothers’ keepers? Are we not to care for the sick? Are we not to love others as God loves us? Why would we oppose legislation that will allow all of us to have access to health-promoting wellness visits and basic health care?

The Debate Moves to the Senate

Now the debate will move to the Senate. I’m sure things will stay lively. Read more  here and here.

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Obama Town Hall

Secretary Chung and President Obama Auto-Tune Health Care
If you were floating through space
And you could only say one thing
Tell me what would you say?
Shawtay, what would you say?

There is a moment in the life of every generation
When that spirit of hopefulness has to come through
Let’s work together, it’s time to rock
Neighborhood by neighborhood, block by block
County by county, state by state
We decide in our guts when we are determined

Auto-Tune the News #8

Biden Sings, dragons. geese. Michael Vick

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Deb’s House Concerts

Is It Racist To Hate Obama?

Travis and Jonathan discuss racism and anti-Obama sentiment.

Is It Racist To Hate Obama?

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Deb’s House Concerts

Red State Update

In this installment, Travis and Jonathan realize they are no longer conservatives, and they must take action to get back into place.

Red State Update: Moderates?!?

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