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Deb’s House Concerts

(cross-posted from my new Walking Back Home blog on healthblogs.org)

Do You Mind?

I ask her every time. I email her what I’ve written, or I tell her what I’m going to say, and I ask if it’s okay to quote her. I don’t want to use her comments without her permission.

I See Her Often

We lived in the same town before, for most of my life, actually, but I was away for awhile, and now I’m back. I try to see my parents as often as I can. I’m in that ‘sandwich’ generation, the one they say is caught between the needs of their parents and the needs of their children.

It’s Not So Much About Needs

I moved back home, back  to the same town, with the goal of spending time with my parents before they needed me. I did not want to come back only because they might need my help. I wanted to be able to enjoy them while they did not need me.

I Asked If She Read My Recent Posts

Sometimes, after I’ve written a new post, I email it to a few family members and friends. My mom was on the  short list for the new posts for myhealthblogs blog (this one, Walking Back Home).  I saw her this evening, and I asked if she read the new posts. Yes, she did. Did she see where I’d quoted her? Yes. Was it okay with her? Yes. In fact, she said, she was pleased that I had remembered what she’d said.

Don’t Be the Smallest One

She did not tell me not to have friends who were bigger than me. She said that I should also have some friends who were not bigger than me. Why? Because I’d not realize how big I was if I was with people who were bigger than me. And, she wanted me to think smaller (for my own body), not bigger.  I do think it was all about health. She doesn’t usually seem to worry about things, but my eating habits have been on her radar for most of my life.

Milk and Ice Cream Every Day

When I was growing up, I drank milk like there would be no tomorrow. I ate ice cream that way, too, way into my adult years. I never made the connection between milk and my stuffy nose until I was in my twenties when I saw an allergy specialist. But, I don’t regret the great pleasure I took in whole milk and ice cream. My bones are strong, and I’m sure that is partly due to all the Calcium and Vitamin D I consumed in my formative years.

Peanut M&Ms for Three Months

When my mom said it was okay to quote her, and said she’d read the first three posts for my Walking Back Home blog, she made another quotable suggestion. She asked, “Are you going to write about the time you ate Peanut M&Ms for three months?” I told her I did not remember doing that, but  I totally believe I might have done that. She reminded me that I bought LOTS of huge bags of Peanut M&Ms with a plan to give them away. But, since I didn’t want to prepare food to eat, I just ate Peanut M&Ms for three months.  I don’t specifically remember that, but if it is not true in every detail, it’s probably close.

Recent After-Valentine’s Day Sale On Candy

I did something similar recently. I went into a drug store to buy a gift for a friend who was in the hospital. They had Valentine’s Day Peanut M&Ms on sale, so I bought some, of course. But, in my usual way, I did not buy a simple small package. I bought a big bag of each of two color schemes so that my friend could select which one she wanted.  And, I bought a second bag of each color scheme for myself. As it turned out, my friend was not able to eat candy, and I ended up with four big bags of Peanut M&Ms. I ate one on my way home (a two hour drive). I gave two bags to my mom. (Maybe I did that. I’m remembering it that way. More likely, I gave her one bag and ate the other one.) And, I ate the fourth bag while writing blog posts.  Yes, she was probably remembering correctly, and I probably did live on Peanut M&Ms for three months at some point in my life. I could probably totally enjoy doing something like that now, too.  But, I don’t plan to ever do something like that again (assuming I really did do that!)  😉

No Peanut M&Ms tonight

I don’t have any more. That’s probably a good thing, because if I had them, I’d want to eat them. And, I probably would eat them, too! That makes me lucky, I guess. I’m lucky I do not have any Peanut M&Ms tonight. Since I don’t have any, maybe I’ll just go to sleep. Really! At least, I’ll give it my best effort.

March 7, 2010

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