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Keep Track of Santa’s Trek

Visit NORAD’s Santa Tracking web site and follow Santa as he travels around the world.

Santa Tracker
The History of NORAD Santa Tracker
NORAD Santa Tracker 2009: Google Earth, Military Track Santa’s Path (VIDEO)


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Deb’s House Concerts

NORAD Keeps Us Posted

NORAD does not wait until Christmas Eve to look for Santa. Their site is already up and running, counting down the days until Christmas Eve. The History of NORAD Santa Tracker

Santa Count Down

Visit the Official NORAD Santa Tracker 2009  page for frequent updates from Santa.

Languages Other Than English

The page is also available in more languages: German, Spanish, French, Italian and two more languages whose names I cannot read.

Don’t Wait Until Christmas Eve to Look for Santa

Welcome to NORAD Tracks Santa

All the preparations for this year are in place! Come back each day to receive updates from the North Pole and to discover new surprises in the Kids’ Countdown Village.

Santa’s elves have been busier than usual this year preparing for Christmas Eve. Visit Santa’s Village to see what’s been going on, and join in on the fun!

Fun Games For Children at Santa’s Village

This might be my favorite part of the Santa Tracker website.  This page has fun games for children.

Countdown to Track Santa

Welcome to the North Pole! Santa’s helpers are getting gifts ready for delivery to the good boys and girls around the world on Christmas Eve! Can you find which shop in the village is busiest today? When you do, click on that shop to discover a fun activity inside!!!

How to Play a New Game Every Day

Move the mouse/cursor over the buildings in Santa’s Village and click wherever you want. There is a number for each day of the month of December. When you’re over one of the numbers that has already arrived (up to 15 today), the building lights up and you can click it to play a game.

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Deb’s House Concerts


So many people came looking for Santa on Christmas Eve.  The links to NORAD’s  Santa Tracker videos, tracking Santa’s progress in his Christmas Eve travels around the globe, only work on Christmas Eve. So, if you missed seeing Santa visiting famous spots around the globe, check back next year when he makes his Christmas Eve trip around the world.

I asked the young ones in my family if they’d like to see where Santa was.  One said, “I do,  but I’m too busy right now.” He was  drawing and doing other fun things. When they finally got ready for bed about 10:30pm, they watched the video of  Santa in Brazil, and they heard the voice of the NORAD Santa Tracker saying that Santa had just visited South America and would be in North America soon. They got the message, and the lights were out in a flash! 🙂

If you stopped by this page looking for Santa, please stay for awhile and see if there is anything else here that interests you. Please leave a comment, too, if you’re so inclined. I’d love to hear from you, even if you disagree with me, as long as you are polite.

Here were the Christmas Eve stats from Sitemeter (from midnight to midnight on December 24, 2008). It looks like searching for Santa has been as popular as obsessing about certain political figures a few months ago. It’s certainly more rewarding! 🙂

Debs House Concerts
Site Summary
Total 50,727
Average Per Day 167
Average Visit Length 1:35
Last Hour 21
Today 264
This Week 1,169
Total 73,620
Average Per Day 238
Average Per Visit 1.4
Last Hour 26
Today 378
This Week 1,664

Thanks again for stopping by. And, thanks to the men and women of NORAD, our strategic defense military personnel, who take a night to keep us posted on Santa’s whereabouts.

If you’re curious about previous Santa posts, they’re here:

December 24, 2007
Christmas Eve Fun – Santa Tracker by NORAD
December 24, 2008
SANTA! Norad Santa Tracker 2008
Here’s are other good posts about the NORAD Santa Trackers:
Santa On YouTube
NORAD Tracks Santa (Wikipedia)
SANTA TRACKER 2008: Military center tracking Santa’s sleigh ride

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Deb’s House Concerts


UPDATE: December 24, 2009  NORAD Santa Tracker 2009


Santa Tracker 2008

Here is what you’ve been looking for over the past few weeks. Here is the link for the Norad Santa Tracker for 2008.


Norad Santa 2008


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Deb’s House Concerts

UPDATE: December 24, 2009

NORAD Santa Tracker 2009

UPDATE: December 24, 2008

SANTA! Norad Santa Tracker 2008


December 24, 2007

NORAD Tracks Santa

Invitation to Watch

About Santa

Around the World With Santa

NORAD tracks Santa – Santa Tracker Video Paris, France

The invitation to watch Santa Tracker videos (the Santa Tracker trailer).

NORAD tracks Santa as he flies by the International Space Station.

NORAD tracks Santa as he flies over Mt. Fuji, Japan.

NORAD tracks Santa as he flies over The Great Wall of China.

NORAD tracks Santa as he flies over Sydney, Australia.

NORAD tracks Santa as he flies over the Himalayas in Nepal.

NORAD tracks Santa as he flies over Moscow, Russia.

NORAD tracks Santa as he flies through New York City.

NORAD tracks Santa as he flies over St. Louis, MO and off towards Oklahoma.

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