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Deb’s House Concerts

Snow 6-8 Inches Deep and Sleeting

That’s what it looks like. And, it’s pretty cold out there (not like the really cold places, but cold for the southeastern part of the USA).

The Hospitals Are Open

They have a ‘severe weather plan’. You don’t have to worry about being abandoned by your health care team. They’re not allowed to leave until the replacements come in.  I called in to ask how the roads were and if people came in. They told me everyone came to work today. That made me proud of the people I work with. Some even stayed at hotels last night in order to be able to get to work this morning. Bravo for dedicated health care professionals.

An Overnight Bag and Microwavable Food

I don’t know if I’ll be able to get out of my driveway. So, I plan to leave a couple of hours early, even though I don’t live far from work. I’ve put out enough food and water for the pets to last a couple of days, even though I’m supposed to be home after a few hours.  Since I don’t know what to expect, and I’m not sure I’ll want to drive home in the middle of the night on ice with temperatures in the teens, I might just try to find a department that needs an extra person and work all night. (I’ve even packed two tubes of Pear Berry Shea Body Butter to share the aromatherapy love and the luxurious feeling for a moment with my coworkers if they get worn out from working long hours. 🙂  )

But, This Was Supposed To Be About Snow Photos

Okay, they’re the same as other times, only newer. And, the snow is a little bit deeper and will last a few days longer. So, here are a few photos. It’s such an event when it snows here, I just have to take pictures. 🙂


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