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Deb’s House Concerts


I plan to work. That is a given. Always.  I hope to be starting a new job. There will be much to learn. There will be much required. That is as it should be.

Music for Children

I want to find the time again to sing for children. I’ll probably sing for the class of a first grade teacher I know. I don’t know if I’ll do more than that any time soon.


I’d love to make some little videos of some of my songs and put them up on youtube. I imagine my ‘little movies’ more as slide shows of related images than actual movies. I’ll probably start with Teddy Bear.


It’s time to write again. My last round of new songs came with my return to NC over two years ago!

Stained Glass

I had ideas for Christmas gifts (not made). I’ve been drawing design ideas for a year (not made). I’ve purchased and collected glass (still in boxes and leaning against walls). It’s time to do some stained glass again. Maybe that will happen when the weather warms and I can sit outside again.


I don’t have a seriously green thumb. You’d know that’s true if you saw my yard. (You’d think I had a green thumb if you looked at these photos from my yard … all without any growing help from me!) I am pretty good at growing bits of greenery in water (break off a stem and stick it in water and wait for it to grow). And, I have grown some good tomatoes a few times in my life.


I think I could take pictures of boxes or shoes or pots and pans and still enjoy it. But, I really enjoy taking photos of people. I’d love to be the event photographer (for the memorable candid shots) for parties and celebrations. I do it once in awhile, but I’d love to do more of that. I love to take pictures.

Only a Few Ideas

Those are a few of the things I’d like to do in 2010. At the head of the list is where I’ll spend the major part of my time (work). The rest are things I’d love to find more time for when I’m not working. I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

What Are Your Dreams and Plans?

What will you do? What would you like to do? What do you imagine and hope you’ll try?


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Deb’s House Concerts

I Like Glass

I like glass. I like it hand blown. I like it colored. I like it with bevels.

Collecting Glass

Currently, I do not have much time to work with glass. But, that does not stop me from collecting it. I have been buying supplies, including beveled glass, for a couple of years now. I keep thinking I’ll have time to jump in and work with it. So far, I think I’ve done more collecting of glass than working with glass.

Bevels, Bevels, Bevels

Recently, I’ve been going through my collection of beveled pieces of glass. I decided to wash the dust off of them, and put them away in some organized fashion. So far, I’ve washed enough pieces of glass to have stacks of bevels on the table.

Looks Green, Actually Clear.

These bevels look green when they’re stacked. Maybe it’s because they’re on a green table. When you hold them up and look through them, they’re clear. I am SO looking forward to doing glass projects involving bevels.

Patience, Patience

My time will come. After a few more months, I’ll have time to do some new glass projects. I’m looking forward to that.

Photos of Pieces of Beveled GlassStacks of Bevels 1

Stacks of Bevels 4

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Deb’s House Concerts


Viewing Stained Glass Backlit By The Sun

I’ve wanted a way to look at stained glass pieces without having to wait for a sunny day to back light it.

Backlighting With A Light Box

Building a light box seemed like a good idea, but I wasn’t sure exactly what supplies I’d need.

Look On Google, Of Course!

I finally Googled it, and found a really easy description, complete with photos.

Jim Sutton’s Quick & Easy Light Box


Make Your Own Light Box

These are the simplest, clearest instructions I’ve found. It was probably the illustration that put this one at the top of my list. Make your own light box.

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Deb’s House Concerts

Dancing Rainbow People

In The Snow


I can’t tell you why I did not raise the screen before taking this photo!  I do no not know. I wish it would snow again, so I could take another picture without the screen behind. 🙂

Come on over here to see the Dancing Rainbow People on a fan lamp base. 🙂

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Deb’s House Concerts

Is summer weather a little too hot? Step back in time to a cold, snowy day! 🙂

Looking through my living room window after a rare North Carolina snow, February 2009.


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Deb’s House Concerts


I Love Stained Glass

I like the glass for the beauty of the glass. It is similar to liking a voice for the beauty of a voice or music for the beauty of the music.


Maybe I like suncatchers so much because they turn and spin and capture the sun. I’m looking at the red cross with the bevel center right now. It is spinning in the sun. I’m imagining taking a short video of it to post. I wonder if it would show the changing beauty of the glass.

Glass and Flowers

Here are two photos of the glass with flowers. Pretty! 🙂



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Deb’s House Concerts

Trying to Capture the Essense of Stained Glass

It is so difficult to capture the in-person experience of glass in a photographic image.

The Beauty of Stained Glass is Constantly Changing

The beauty of stained glass can be seen in every movement of the glass. and every ray of light projected through it and bouncing off of it.

Trying to Catch the Beauty

I keep trying to capture the beauty, so I can share it with you.  🙂

More Photos of the Stained Glass Cross





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