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eFolkMusic’s New Look

I’m not sure why I looked today, but I just looked at the eFolkMusic home page. The look is different, but the great music continues. They even have some videos of a few of the featured artists.

Volume Six: 106 Song CD/MP3 Sampler

Near the right lower corner of the page, there is information about the newest cd sampler:

All true, and you can have one! Get one of these CD/MP3s delivered 1st class snail-mail when you make a $30 or greater donation – 106 songs from 75 different artists, over SIX HOURS of music.

This is our ‘editor’s pick’ from the exceptional music we promote every day of the year, a great way to sample a unique collection of under-heard songs and artists, plus rare tracks from some of your better known folks including George Winston, Freebo, the Red Clay Ramblers, New Lost City Ramblers, Don Dixon & Marti Jones, Malcolm Holcombe, Mary Z Cox, Ola Belle Reed, on and on. Here’s a complete list of the songs.

Weird Duck is on the New 106 Song CD/MP3 Sampler

How great is that? 🙂 I clicked the link  for the complete list of the songs, and much to my happy surprise, my “Weird Duck” song is there.

List of Songs and Artists on the New eFolkMusic Sampler

Here’s the complete list:

Sampler Six Song List

Sampler 6  —  106 songs, 6.4 hours, 499.2 MB; No downloading needed, just make a tax-deductible donation to this nonprofit and we’ll send you the physical CD with these 106 songs in MP3 format!

Click here to make a donation right now!!!

While You Sleep … Almond Greenway
Blackberry JamAndy May
Sweetest Story Ever ToldAndy May
Beg, Steal or BorrowArt Gomperz Band
Court In Session ... Art Gomperz Band
Advertisements Tell MeThe Bards of Balance
Scorpio and MeBennett Brier
Baby, You’ll Only Do GoodBennett Brier
Sail Away LadiesBethany and Rufus
Death Don’t Have no MercyBethany and Rufus
On the RoadBill Hudson
Boulevard of Broken DreamsBill Hudson
Long Way From Water Bill Jackson
Journey HomeBirdy
John Brown’s DreamBooger Holler String Band
Marmaduke’s HornpipeBooger Holler String Band
The Best YearsBryan Gorsira
SearchingBryan Gorsira
Melancholia .Chris Frank
The Feng Shui SongChristopher Prim
Three Score and TenCircus Envy
Jeanne’s MelodyDan Crace
Máire Bheag ÓDark Patrick
Chaotic (Under Control)Darynyck
I Remember It Well... David Porteous
A Day In The LifeDavid Porteous
Weird Duck Deborah L. Hord
Out of Chaos Came VictoryDonald DePoy (Me & Martha)
Another World...EASE
Carved In StoneEASE
Goodbye Angel… Elisa Di Napoli
When I Am GoneElisa Di Napoli
Bright Red RoadEllsworth
Standing Ovation Freebo
When There’s No Place Like HomeFreebo
OdysseyGeoffrey Hansplant
Swimming To The SunGeoffrey Hansplant
TwentyGeorge Cuthbertson
Time for Love …. George Winston
Burning CoalGhost Of a Dog
Walk Towards the PainGhost of a Dog
I Can’t Settle DownThe Gordons
Blackjack DaveyThe Gordons
Take Care Of My BrotherJ Peter Boles
When They AskJan Hauenstein
Lord FranklinJan Hauenstein
Give In To This LifeJann Klose
MindchangeJason Bennett
Stormy Weather Coming DownJason Bennett
The Landlord (feat. Nels Cline)Jason Heath & The Greedy Souls
Anarchist Girl (feat. Wayne Kramer)Jason Heath & The Greedy Souls
America, Its YouJohn and Rachel Nicholas
People Like UsJohn and Rachel Nicholas
Our TownJohn Lefebvre
Painted PonyJohn Lefebvre
Missing YouJohn Morrison
Hold Me UpJosh Bass
From Is to WasJugalbandi
Oh Baby Lie DownKendel Carson
Cherish the DayKristina Stykos
This I KnowKristina Stykos
If I Bcome RichKyota Sugai
SundaysMaggie Walters
Another Living RoomMaggie Walters
A Bigger PlanMalcolm Holcombe
Blue Martini & Belly DancerMalcolm McKinney
Dead or AliveMartha Ann Brooks
Little Mama Martha Ann Brooks
Trouble Is As Trouble DoesMarti Jones & Don Dixon
John Bowlin’s Groundhog Strut ... Mary Z Cox
Haggard Had It Right McAdoo Perkins
The RiverMcAdoo Perkins
Over the WaterfallMe & Martha
Blues and the HighwayMBIRD (Megan Birdsall)
Spy Hill Jail Mick Daniel and the Raynmen
Born To TryMike Kotulka
Selfish AvenueMike Kotulka
Shake ItMike Whellans
Smiles of Summer LoveMoira Nelson
Crow Black ChickenThe New Lost City Ramblers
Pretty Little MissThe New Lost City Ramblers
Look Down That Lonesome RoadOla Belle Reed
Green Paper Black LinesOrion Walsh
The Last WalkPaul Grimwood
Clouds and Gold ButtonsPaul Grimwood
The Wild FaeryPhil Holland
The New Land/Toda Una Vida Pratie Heads
The North Carolina Toast and Breakdown.….The Red Clay Ramblers
NeighborhoodRick Wales
Pommier, Rideau, PortemateauRobert Lamont
Tantos AnosRojos Calientes
CorazonRojos Calientes
Wishing WellRoosevelt Dime
Come BackRosie and Me
BonfiresRosie and Me
Coon in the CornScott C. Brooks
Blues Concerto for Slide Guitar Scott C. Brooks
Goodbye...Shantel Bolks
Where the Last Tide Runs Sheila K Cameron
Apparition...Steve Palmer
Sweet Escape Sunflower and the Seeds
Things A Man Needs to Say Todd Berry
Together We’ll BeWalt Cronin
Yet I DreamWalt Cronin
Airport GoodbyeJohn Zambricki
Where Was Your Mind?John Zambricki

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Deb’s House Concerts

Not Invited This Time

In most of the things I’ve studied in recent years, I’ve been invited to participate in an honor society, or have been on the Dean’s List, or have been near the top of my class at least during some part of what I’ve been studying. This year, I was not one of the ones invited to join the honor society. I did not know what the requirements were, but I figured I must not have met them, since I was not invited.

Imagine My Surprise

So, I was surprised and very happy to have someone approach me a few weeks back, prior to a ceremony, to check my name off a list and hand me a medallion.  I don’t normally post about things that are directly happening in my life. I prefer to post about ideas. But, I just want to say this was a happy surprise that added to the joy of the day.

Honors Medallion

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Deb’s House Concerts



Well, thanks!

Thanks for this:

my 2009 nod to exceptional oklahoma bloggers

Posted on December 13th, 2009 by Rena

I just want to tip my hat to some Oklahoma bloggers who have managed to penetrate my haze this year, for their persistence, their regularity, their seeming tirelessness and their apparent ability to be completely self-motivating.

So here’s my list of 2009 bloggers who have earned my respect, just becausethey blogged. (And this in no way is to dismiss their other qualities as astute observers and creative writers.)

Oklahoma Lefty

Carless in OKC

Deb’s House Concerts – Another blogger with passion for music, as well as other creative expression. Thoughts about politics, culture, language, horticulture, nature and anything else that comes along.

Rena from Peace Arena (http://peacearena.org/)

About Peace Arena

PeaceArena.org consists of a blog, wiki, (and soon) news feed and discussion forum. It is owned and produced by Serena Blaiz, the nom de tubes of a longtime progressive political activist and communications professional…  I am a feminist, secular animist and collectivist, working at the grassroots level for peace and justice, previously in Florida, and since 2003 in Oklahoma. Sometimes I get paid for this work, mostly I do it out of a desire to seek justice and build community.

My Introduction to Peace Arena

I heard from Rena when I posted a poll about the font I was using for my blog posts (November 2008). She strongly opposed the font I used, and she was convincing enough in her explanation (about what I was doing wrong) that I changed the way I write my posts. I never heard from her again. So, being chosen by her as a blogger who “managed to penetrate my haze this year” was quite a surprise. Thank you, Rena.

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Deb’s House Concerts


I See You Reading In The Night

Not really! But, I know you’re there.

Thanks For Reading

I’d love to hear from you. Leave comments! 🙂

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Deb’s House Concerts

Happy Father’s Day

fathersday2009 - google image

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Deb’s House Concerts

efm guitar imageDuck - yellow bath toy

Singing for First Graders

I love to sing for young children. They like my songs. They sing along. They are so excited about music and life. They’re so easy to please.

First Grade and Fourth Grade

I’ve sung for a first grade class three times and a fourth grade class once in the past few months. All three classes enjoyed the music (sang for one first grade twice), but the older children  seemed to feel a little self-conscious, and they tried really hard not to show that they enjoyed it. I heard later that they enjoyed the music.

Adults as an Audience

I really should do more music for young children. They’re such an easy audience. Adults are harder to please. They’ve lived longer. They have very specific ideas about what they like. I include myself in that group. I’m much harder to please than a six year old child.

My Teddy Bear Song

Young children to love this song. I’ve wanted to find a way to post it on my web page, but I’ve never known how. This evening, I decided to try. I still can’t quite figure it out.

Teddy Bear Power Point

I made a little Power Point presentation with only one page. It has this song attached. I can’t figure out how to get the file to load. It says it’s loading the .ppt file, but it comes up as text only.

How Can I Attach an MP3 File to This Post?

Can anyone tell me how to upload an mp3 file, or change an mp3 to another form so I can upload it and have it play on this page?

Teddy Bear - copyright Deborah L. Hord words and music

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Deb’s House Concerts


Doug McKelway Deeply Upset By ‘Outrage’

On May 7th, I watched a very interesting, and entertaining, interview on the Washington, DC News Channel 8’s Let’s Talk Live.

Film called ‘Outrage’ exposes politicians who, they claim, are homosexual and don’t support gays  
» watch segment

I found it in this post over at Pam’s House Blend.

Doug McKelway Wants to Punch Mike Rogers’ Face

It seems that the initial purpose of the interview was to discuss a movie set to open in DC, and around the country, on Friday May 9th. “Outrage” is about the outing of anti-gay politicians who secretly engage in sex with men while doing everything in their power to deny equal rights to other men who do the same thing.

Anti-Gay Politicians Who Cruise for M4M Sex

The irony of the anti-gay politicians who cruise for sex is that they are among the people who want everyone to think that homosexuality is all about sex. They are part of the anti-gay mindset that wants to paint gay people as sexual perverts.

Living the Lie They Tell About Others

The men who secretly have sex with men, who then publicly work to deny equal rights to lgbt people, are living the lie they tell. The anti-gay groups want everyone to believe that ‘gay’=’gay sex’. Unfortunately for them, that is probably the truth. They hide their sexual attractions, live a lie, and then feed their need for connection with secret cruising and sexual encounters with strangers.

Public Restrooms vs Bars, Churches, Relationship

For years, I have been of the opinion that the men who cruise for sex in public restrooms are generally men who are married and claim to be straight.  It’s a shame, but I believe that it is true.

Openly Gay Men Don’t Have to Sneak Around

Openly gay men don’t have to go to public restrooms to find someone. Openly gay men can actually  have friends who are gay. They can actually date each other. They can actually go to church together. They can actually establish a home together.

What lgbt People Cannot Do

What lgbt people can’t do, in most states, is be legally married and have the rights afforded married couples.  This is changing, little by little. I continue to be amazed that this is happening in my lifetime, just as I was amazed that a woman and a black man were serious contenders for the office of President of the USA. The people of this country have moved along further than I would have imagined we could in years past.

Oh, the Shame!

The really sad thing about this interview, and the things that this television news anchor said, is the truth he spoke by accident. What he told, with great passion, was the truth that closeted lgbt persons feel.

Shame Is Heaped Upon Those Who Are Different

With all the progress that has been made in society, there are still many people who are not straight, who grew up with shame heaped upon them. If society, and most importantly churches, recognized the “all God’s children” reality that lgbt persons are just as important and valuable as straight people, then lgbt people would have the opportunity to live honestly, without persecution, for their entire lives. Wouldn’t that be an amazing world?

Entertained, yet Concerned

I found that interview (watch it here) to be very entertaining. The passion of the interviewer to protect the privacy of gay people was great. But, I felt bad for him.  It seemed to be an issue about which he felt very deeply.

Mike Rogers of Blog Active

Mike Rogers was great. He responded well to every question and accusation. He even responded well when Mr. McKelway said he’d like to take him outside and punch him in the face (for his perception that Mr. Rogers is all about outing closeted public figures).

Writing to Doug McKelway

The post where the video was posted also posted links for people who want to leave messages for Doug McKelway and for the company that employs him.  I wish him no harm. I was not offended by the interview. Mike Rogers handled the situation well. And, the woman involved, who was barely able to speak a word, had the last word, and it made me laugh.  (Be sure to watch to the very end!) I’m guessing their traffic share will increase after this passionate piece.

What I Wrote to Doug McKelway, May 7, 2009:

Mr. McKelway,

I was thinking that you accidentally ‘outed’ yourself in that interview with Mike Rogers. Now, I see that you have a wife and four children.

I imagine that you are receiving a huge amount of mail related to that interview (and, for saying you wanted to punch Mike Rogers in the face). I do not personally wish for you to suffer any negative consequences from that interview. It was very interesting.

When you have time, take a look at my friend’s web page. She’s a very nice woman who talks to people who believe as you do. I think she has a lot of good things to say. http://myheartgoesout-carol.blogspot.com/

I appreciated your support for people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered. I agree with you that all people should be afforded equality under the law. You did not exactly say that, but I hope that is how you feel.

My page is https://dhconcerts.wordpress.com

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TheEconomist.com – The uses of outrage

[UPDATE: May 22, 2009 I was wrong to imagine that Doug McKelway was simply uncomfortable with the idea of public figures being ‘outed’, and that was why he was so hostile towards Mike Rogers. I’ve read more about him over the past couple of weeks, and I now believe he has demonstrated a pattern of hostility towards lgbt persons. As a public figure and potential ‘role model’ (a negative role model, showing others that it is okay to bully people who are different in some way), he has crossed the line in a way that should be addressed. His open hostility and suggestions of violence against an openly gay man would not be tolerated if they were directed at someone because of race, religion, national origin or any other way that people are diverse. He did not behave with journalistic integrity in that piece, and it now looks like he has a pattern of misbehavior. I believe a public apology by Doug McKelway, to Mike Rogers, is in order.  I should have revisited this sooner. I hope Doug McKelway’s employer will address this issue with him soon.]

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