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Deb’s House Concerts

Bench in Magnolia Shade

I thought this was so wonderful, a bench at the base of a huge magnolia tree. It belonged to a friend who was moving, so I photographed it before we moved it to my house. It’s not suitable for sitting, but it’s wonderful for looking. I only wish I had the tree, too!


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Deb’s House Concerts

Deer by the Barn

This deer was in front of the barn at my other grandparents’ house.

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Deb’s House Concerts

Honeysuckle and Butterfly

This was outside my grandparents’ house August 8, 2010.

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Deb’s House Concerts

If Only They Knew

I went to a party a few years ago. It was a celebration in honor of a famous citizen of the city where I live. I thought at the time, “if only they knew, they’d throw a party for …”

I Still Feel That Way

They still don’t know. She’s not famous, and she never will be. But, her contributions are many.

What’s So Special About Her?

She’s good at imagining how things can be, even if they are not that way at the moment.

She believes in taking care of her body by avoiding recreational poisons, but she does enjoy a good dessert.

She traveled internationally for her honeymoon, something that was probably unheard of in her small town.

She’s all about helping children make music. She’s taught generations of children.

She works for peace, justice, and equality in her own realm. She doesn’t talk love, she lives it.

She cried when my dog was dying and I was sad.

She’s green. I suddenly realized last year that she’s been saving the earth for decades.

She does not worry. She does not focus on “what if” scenarios. She appreciates each day as it comes.

She believes in God. She also sees the evolution of life that occurs around us every day.

She reads stories to children. She reads stories to adults. And, she enjoys listening to stories told by storytellers.

Quiet Goodness

You probably don’t know her. You’ll probably never meet her. But, the world is a better place because of her.


I love you, Mom.

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Deb’s House Concerts

The Greed of the Powerful Strikes Again

Once again, profits for the shareholders (including those within the corporate structure who benefit from rising stock values) have trumped safety.

More Is Not Always Better

Why do major corporations fight for the right not to be safe? What’s the point? The greed that kept BP from spending the money needed to keep that rig safe, and to make sure there would not be an unstoppable spill, has caused more than destruction of property and wildlife.

Stock Prices and Reputation

How will the stock price be helped by destruction of ocean life, beaches, and birds? How will the reputation of an oil giant benefit by this new image of an oil slick moving towards all the coasts on the gulf? I know I’ve lost respect for BP because of this. This situation is similar, in my mind, to the mine disaster a few weeks ago. The company tried to save money by cutting safety, and now they’ve lost more than they ever could have saved.

So Sad

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Deb’s House Concerts

We’re All In This Together

What happens to one of us affects all of us.

Stories for Today


What is Earth Day?

Earth Day Facts

Time, Water Running Out for America’s Biggest Aquifer

Earth Day Show on A Closer Look Radio

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Deb’s House Concerts

During the Month of January …

Where I live, January tends to be cold with a lot of gray days, some clouds, some rain, some ice, and occasionally some snow. The trees are bare. There are few flowers. Hummingbirds are nowhere to be seen.  I suppose it could be called a dreary month, one that could lead one to feelings of gloom or pessimism, depression or despair. These are not feelings I want for myself or for you.

Therefore, I Have Decided …

January will be the month (this year, 2010) for posts about ‘feel good’ things. Unlike certain friends, I like self-help books and articles. I like analysis of the human psyche and insight into what makes us tick. We are, afterall, bio-psycho-social-beings (as some would say).  😉

So, That’s the Plan

This month, January 2010, is hereby designated ‘feel good’ month. You don’t have to feel good to read this blog this month. And, I might not always post ‘happy’ or ‘feel good’ posts. But, I do want something that will give us all a glimpse of the sunshine on the other side of the clouds.

Speaking of Grey Skies …

Have you ever been in an airplane on the ground, ready to take off, and the day is dark and gloomy? The clouds completely cover the earth for as far as you can see. Maybe the rain is pouring down. This, to me, is how life seems when all the bad things in life are largest in our vision. Now, do you remember how it was when the plane took off? Was it a little scary to be zooming down the runway and lifting up into that rain and into those dark clouds? What happened after that was amazing.

The Sunshine on the Other Side of the Clouds

Do you remember? As you entered the clouds, you could see nothing at all, and it was that way for what seemed like a long time. But, before you knew it, the airplane rose above the clouds and everything was different. The clouds were below, and they were brilliant and beautiful! And the sky was nothing but blue, clear, bright blue. How did this happen? Everything changed. But, nothing had really changed.


Perspective is something I enjoy thinking about. It is something I try to remember to notice. It is part of how I look for images I’d like to photograph. It isn’t that things change. It is that they way we see things changes. Good things happen and bad things happen. Happy things happen and sad things happen. People love us. People reject us. People are kind. People are cruel. We are healthy. We fight sickness and injury and disease. We live. We die.

What Makes the Difference in Our Experience?

What makes the difference in how events in life affect us? Is it all in our perspective? Is it all about being below the clouds or above the clouds? What is it in us that leaves us in the rain under the grey sky one day (or month, or year) and in the sunshine over the brilliant tops of the same rain clouds another day?

What’s Your Perspective on Perspective?

I’m thinking of a photo of a person looking in a mirror looking at a person looking in a  mirror looking at a person looking in a mirror … What does perspective mean to you? How does it affect  your life? How does it influence your choices (big and small)?

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