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Removing Oil-Based Stains From Fabrics

This post tells how to remove oil-based stains from fabrics. For those who take the time to care for their own clothes, this might be helpful. I’m posting it here simply because it looks useful, and this is a place where I’ll probably be able to find it again! 🙂

Home Ec: How to Remove Oil-Based Stains

by Erin Loechner, Posted Mar 25th 2010 8:00AMLightly Soiled Oil-Based Stains

1. Soak the stained area in the hottest water the clothing will tolerate.
2. Add detergent after five minutes of soaking and begin your wash cycle (again, in the hottest water manageable).
3. After a full rinse cycle, check the stained area. If it has vanished, feel free to dry as necessary. If not, repeat another hot rinse cycle with detergent.

Heavily Soiled Oil-Based Stains

1. Rub cornstarch or talcum powder into the stained area and let sit for at least twenty minutes.
2. Brush off with a dry washcloth or soft dry brush.
3. If the stain still exists, repeat the treatment several times to fully remove the oil.
4. Launder in hot water as normal and check area before drying. Repeat if necessary.

Eco-Friendly Method

Citrus oil or citrus turpine is made from natural, steam distilled citrus oils, which are natural solvents. They are not non-toxic, but have the lowest toxicity of all solvents — and smell wonderful!

1. Dab citrus oil on the stained area with a cotton swab.
2. Cover with a paper towel and run a hot steam iron over the stain.
3. The citrus oil will evaporate, along with the stain!


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