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Welcome to 2010!!!

That’s a funny thing to say, since no one has been in 2010 before now (except maybe those ahead of us in another time zone). I guess they get to say “Welcome!”.

Making Resolutions for the New Year

I don’t know that I’m making any, but I want to collect ideas. I like to collect ideas year round.  I figure a change that’s good to make on the first day of the year is good enough to make any other day. Why wait for the new year?

Since Today Is January 1, 2010 …

I’d like to post quotes and ideas that look like they’d be good resolutions. I’ll post a few I found on a business card. I invite you to post more in comments.


Start on Time

End Early

Have Fun

Do Good

Compassion, Volunteering, Philanthropy

Take Care of Your Corner of the World

Education and Leadership

Live. Learn. Lead.


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